DIG: Develop, Implement, and Guide

Our signature process by which we curate a custom- tailored investment program that seeks to build and protect your net worth.

The Develop phase includes an assessment and analysis of your current financial situation, outlining your ideal financial future, customizing potential investment strategy solutions and deciding your preferred course of action.

This stage is followed by the Implement phase, where accounts are properly opened and funded and assets are invested accordingly.

Finally, we carefully monitor and rebalance your investments, while providing you with on-going advice, service, and education during the Guide phase.


The path to your financial goals

Through the Develop phase we chart the path to your financial goals that makes the most sense for you and your priorities. This is accomplished through the following:

Assess and Analyze

During the Assess and Analyze phase we uncover and establish your wealth-related goals by analyzing your current and helping you imagine your future financial situation After this process we will have established your unique investment priorities, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Nitrogen: What's My Risk Score?

Built on a Nobel Prize-winning framework, the Risk Number is a proprietary scaled index developed by Nitrogen to reflect risk for both advisors and their clients. It sits at the heart of a sophisticated set of tools to precisely measure an investor’s appetite and capacity for risk, as well as the risk of a security, model, account, or portfolio. You do not have to be a client to use this tool as Regional Investment Advisors, LLC offers this analysis free of charge. To get your risk score today, click the link at the top of our page. Watch this video to learn more information.


At this stage, we leverage all information gathered up to this point to develop investment options designed to achieve your goals.


During the selection phase, we will present you with proposed strategies. Expectations are set by illustrating the strengths, features, associated risks, and possible outcomes of each option so that you may select the course of action that you are most comfortable with.


Embarking on the journey that we crafted together.

The Implement phase is about embarking on the journey that we crafted together by opening and funding your account and investing your assets according to the course of action selected during the Develop phase.


Funding takes place in one of two ways: by funding your account with cash or transferring existing financial assets into your account.

We will assist you in this process so that accounts are opened and funded properly, providing you with peace of mind along the way.


After funding is fully completed you will be able to invest in the strategy that you selected.

This process is typically completed on the same day that your account is funded.

financial risk analysis


Your Financial Situation: A Going-Concern

Your financial situation as a going-concern that requires constant care and attention.

Capital markets can be volatile.

Your life and cooresponding financial situation is likely ever-evolving.

During the Guide stage, you are provided with support that aims to ensure that your investments are always aligned with your current financial situation.

Accomplishing this requires communication, advising and asset management services.

This phase exists for the entire duration of our business relationship.


Effective communication is essential for building strong client relationships and providing exceptional financial services.

We view communication as a continuous input, ensuring that we stay connected with our clients, provide regular updates, and address any questions or concerns promptly.

With our commitment to open and frequent communication, we strive to foster trust, transparency, and a deep understanding of our clients’ financial needs to deliver personalized and impactful wealth management solutions.


The advising process is a fundamental element of our comprehensive wealth management service.

We understand that financial goals evolve over time, which is why we view advising as an ongoing and dynamic process.

We consider it an essential input to provide frequent and tailored financial services, ensuring that our clients receive personalized guidance, proactive recommendations, and strategies that adapt to their changing circumstances.

With our commitment to continuous advising, we aim to empower our clients to make informed decisions and achieve their long-term financial objectives.

Asset Management

Our asset management services go beyond initial portfolio construction. We offer ongoing monitoring and management to ensure our wealth management clients’ portfolios remain aligned with their goals by performing regular rebalancing and adjusting portfolio allocations to maintain proper allocations.

These efforts are designed to support continuous portfolio optimization, helping clients navigate changing market dynamics and achieve long-term financial success.